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Happy Anniversary to SoylentNews!

Accepted submission by martyb at 2016-02-16 13:42:13

Editors - need to flesh this story out some more. If possible, would like to post it exactly 2 years after the original go-live story referenced below, but don't know if it can be completed in time. See also our one-year anniversary story, and IIRC, there was a story or two on New Year's. -Bytram

On 2014-02-17 at 02:06:00 UTC, SoylentNews posted its first story: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow... Today! []

There were some who thought the site would fail right from the start. Yes, there have been some significant challenges along the way. Thankfully, the community has pulled together and given the support needed to keep this site running as a going concern.

The support has come in many forms. We are grateful for those who submit stories, post comments, and perform moderations. Other post journal articles [] and comment on those. Still more are active on our IRC server []. Then there's our very own Wiki [].

On an entirely different level we have the folks who maintain our servers, front ends, code base, site, mail, and the like. For those who joined us at the outset, site crashes were a regular occurrence. Now, most of our downtime is due to either site upgrades or reboots of our systems by our hosting provider.

We had a furious startup period, but things have seemed to have settled down.
We currently average about 50 new users each month.

since day one we have in excess of:

  • 6000 registered nicks,
  • xxx stories posted to the site
  • 300,000 comments posted to the site
  • etc.

Beyond those numbers there are also the enhancements made to the site. Starting with an unmaintained and out-of-date code base, our developers have added enhancements to the site. We support international characters (UTF-8/Unicode).


Should note our incorporation on July 4, 2014(?)

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