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Secret Service Employees Disciplined for Leaking Congressman's Application

Accepted submission by takyon at 2016-05-27 13:43:56

Forty-one Secret Service employees are being disciplined [] for improperly accessing data about a Congressman who was investigating the multitude of scandals involving the Secret Service:

Forty-one employees of the Secret Service have been disciplined for improperly accessing data about Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the secretary of Homeland Security said Thursday. Secretary Jeh Johnson says the employee responsible for leaking that private information to the press has already resigned from the Secret Service.

[...] Johnson now says Chaffetz's files were accessed approximately 60 times, and that most of those occasions violated privacy laws. After investigating 57 Secret Service employees, 41 people will be disciplined — with punishments ranging from a letter of reprimand (for one employee) to suspensions without pay for up to 45 days.

Also at Reuters [].

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