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United Air Abuses doing the heavy-handed thing a third time

Accepted submission by kaszz at 2017-04-17 08:11:23

Ever thought that this headline was a shit happens event?
2017-04-09 Passenger Violently Removed From Overbooked United Airlines Flight []

And sometimes one can be unlucky twice?
2017-04-12 United is Heavy-Handed Again: Boarded, Seated Passenger Threatened With Cuffs to Disembark []

No! United Airlines is at third strike right now 2017-04-15:
  * A couple says they were kicked off a United flight on the way to their wedding []
  * A bride and groom were kicked off their United Airlines flight from Houston this weekend as they traveled to Costa Rica for their wedding. []

Td;lr: Married couple finds their seats in economy class taken up by a sleeping man. By courtesy they just sit down on seats three rows away which happened to be in economy plus class on a flight which is half empty. They asked to upgrade but were refused and then headed to their assigned seats. However by then the airline had decided that they were rule breakers and must be thrown off regardless.

Details: United Airlines flight number 1737 on 2017-04-15. George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston, Texas) on Saturday to Liberia, Costa Rica.

Last time after the second incident, the stock took a fall from 69.8 to 69 US$ [] (UAL). One can ask how much this will cost in market value decimation? and customers dropping them? what will the economist and MBA, CEO, Oscar Muñoz say?

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