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Dubai Police to Deploy Robotic Patrols

Accepted submission by fliptop at 2017-07-06 02:39:40

Dubai Police has unveiled new self-driving mini vehicles that can patrol different areas and monitor any unusual activities using biometrics to scan crowds and identify criminals, or suspects []:

About the size of a child’s electric toy car, the driverless vehicles will patrol different areas of the city to boost security and hunt for unusual activity, all the while scanning crowds for potential persons of interest to police and known criminals.

The new security system is so advanced that the mini-vehicle even comes with its own drone which can be launched via a rear sleeve — both are monitored and linked to Dubai Police command room.

[...] “It can recognise people in any area and identify suspicious objects and can track suspects. It has a drone and the user [police officer] needs to access the car through fingerprint. It will be deployed at tourist destinations in Dubai,” Brigadier Al Razooqi said.

Deployed at "tourist destinations?" Is that where the problems are []? Originally spotted on Bruce Schneier's blog [].

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