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Australia leads charge to revive TPP while Canada abstains

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2017-11-11 11:19:25

In Danang Vietnam Australia and 10 other countries have tried to revive the TPP without the US []. Even though the analysis of the TPP has shown that the so called 'free trade agreement' has only minimal benefits and many drawbacks for developed nations the Australian Prime Minister is still set on having the agreement ratified. The Australian Prime Minister may be trying to push through the TPP before his government collapses due to the citizenship audit which is rapidly culling members of his party which could result in his party losing power in parliament. With the majority of the Australian public being against the TPP and with Malcolm Turnbull facing an election soon the reasons for this move to try to ratify the TPP is unknown. If this trade agreement is accepted it will be the last in a series of detrimental trade agreements where Australia is on the wrong end of the stick. With Australia still reeling from the impact of the terrible china-australia free trade agreement the move to try to bring in another bad trade agreement may spell the end of the liberal government's long run in parliament.

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