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Google's Project Tango Shutting Down, to be Replaced by ARCore

Accepted submission by takyon at 2017-12-17 14:21:20

Google's Project Tango is shutting down because ARCore is already here []

Google said today that it'll be shutting down [] Project Tango next year, on March 1st. Project Tango was an early effort from Google to bring augmented reality to phones, but it never really panned out. The system was introduced in 2014 and made it into developer kits and even a couple consumer devices [] as recently as last year.

But those devices required special sensors. And in the meantime, Google (and competitors, like Apple) figured out ways to bring AR features to phones with just the hardware that's already on board. Google introduced a new augmented reality system [], known as ARCore, in late August. It just brought that system to the Pixel and Pixel 2 in the form of some augmented reality stickers [] — immediately opening AR features to more people than Tango is likely to have reached in its lifetime.

ARCore Developer Preview 2 [].

Also at Ars Technica [], TechCrunch [].

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