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Exact Match requirements eased in Georgia

Accepted submission by RandomFactor at 2018-11-05 01:01:39 from the Even if you don't agree, remember to vote on November 7th dept.

In a law implemented last year, Georgia's 'Exact Match' requirement flags voters who have discrepancies in their official identifying documents and may be non-citizens.
As originally written, at the actual polling location, only Deputy Registrars could immediately clear individuals to vote (provisional ballots could still be cast.)
This was deemed burdensome in U.S. District Court and now Poll Managers can also clear individuals to vote who show proof of citizenship.
The announcement of this change is here: []
Voters were notified in advance of discrepancies and multiple avenues to resolve the issue are available, including
- in advance by faxing or emailing documents to the county registrar
- when balloting, providing documentation to a Deputy Registrar (or Poll Manager now)
- If the above are an issue, an individual can cast a provisional ballot and provide the proof of citizenship (in person, via fax, email, or text message) before Friday.

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