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AMD Improves Server Market Share by 100%... to 2%

Accepted submission by takyon at 2018-12-03 13:52:41

AMD's EPYC CPUs have already snatched server market share away from Intel []

Intel [] has enjoyed a virtual monopoly in the server CPU arena for some time. However, AMD's EPYC series of processors, based on the latest iteration of Zen architecture, may change that. The first generation of these chipsets, Naples, managed to reduce [] Intel's market share to 99% shortly after its launch. This may sound less than impressive, but in a billion-dollar industry, it was possibly quite valuable to AMD.

The latest report on the server market by DRAMeXchange indicates that Intel's share is down to 98% [] by now. This represents a 100% improvement for AMD. Furthermore, the analysts estimate that the release of EPYC Rome []-based silicon will result in further gains. They will ultimately result in a total market share of 5% for these CPUs by the end of 2019.

Intel is keeping AMD under 15%. For now []:

Now it's easy to tell that Intel will still remain the dominant player in the market, retaining a 90-95% market share lead over AMD but Intel's Ex-CEO, Brian Krzanich, stated [] that his company wouldn't want AMD capturing 15-20% server market share. In fact, at the pace at which AMD is gaining their server market share, 15% doesn't really feel like a far cry from now.

[...] Looking at the market penetration rate, Intel's Purley platform has been adopted by 60% users in the server space and is expected to reach 65% in the coming year. On the other hand, AMD's EPYC Naples platform has been adopted by 70% and considering that AMD is keeping socket longevity intact with Rome, we can see the adoption rate further expanding after 7nm chips launch.

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