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U.S. Army Shows Off Demo of HoloLens 2 System

Accepted submission by takyon at 2019-04-08 03:28:41

US Army shows how it will use HoloLens in the field []

When Microsoft employees balked at the company's $479 million HoloLens contract [] with the US Army, it raised a question: just what would this system look like? You now have a better idea. The Army has given [] CNBC an early demo of its Integrated Visual Augmentation System, which uses a modified HoloLens 2 [] to provide both combat assistance and training. It reportedly feels like a "real-life game of Call of Duty" -- you can see your squad's positions on a map, a compass, and even your weapon's reticle. Thermal imaging would help you see in the dark without as much of a telltale glow as existing night vision headsets.

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