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Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Plans to Host "Remote Rallies" Using "Holograms"

Accepted submission by takyon at 2019-04-15 14:20:04 from the you're-my-only-hope dept.

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang will use 3D holograms for remote rallies []

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang revealed this week that he's planning to use a 3D hologram to hold campaign rallies in multiple cities at the same time. Yang discussed the hologram during an appearance on TMZ Live []. The segment showed off a hologram version of Yang dancing and performing with the famous Tupac hologram [] that appeared at Coachella in 2012.

[...] Yang plans to use the hologram, broadcast from the back of a truck, to deliver a recorded version of his stump speech to crowds in battleground states. Yang would set up in a studio and remotely beam into the rally to answer questions live and in real-time after the speech finished. The technique could save Yang, a longshot [] for the Democratic nomination at this point, a considerable amount of travel costs while helping to rally supporters and generate interest in key areas.

In the future, all politicians will attend events exclusively as holograms, beamed from their studios in Elysium.

Andrew Yang [].

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