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Intel Launches Coffee Lake Refresh, Roadmap Leaks Showing No "10nm" Desktop Parts Until 2022

Accepted submission by takyon at 2019-04-25 20:33:09

Intel 9th Gen Core Processors: All the Desktop and Mobile 45W CPUs Announced []

Dubbed 'Coffee Lake Refresh', the 9th generation of Intel's Core CPU product line is a direct refresh of its 8th generation Coffee Lake hardware, with minor enhancements such as a better thermal interface on the high end processors, support for up to 8 cores, and newer chipsets with integrated USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) and CNVi-enabled Wi-Fi. The hardware is still fundamentally the original 6th Gen Skylake microarchitecture underneath, from 2016, but built on Intel's latest 14nm process variant, in order to extract additional frequency and efficiency, and with more cores at the high-end.

Intel may continue to be largely stuck on a "14nm" process for years to come:

Intel CPU 2018-2021 Roadmap Leaks Out – Up To 10 Core Comet Lake-S Desktop CPUs in 2020, 14nm Rocket Lake-S in 2021, No 10nm LGA Parts Till 2022 []

The latest roadmaps come from Tweakers [] and detail both the Client Commercial CPU products and the Client Mobile CPU products which would be introduced in the future. The authenticity of these roadmaps cannot be confirmed but they are referenced back to the Intel's SIP program and DELL so there might be some legitimacy to them.

[...] It looks like Intel will stick with 14nm++ for a while as the roadmap reveals. Around Q2 2020, Intel will launch their Comet Lake-S processors, featuring up to 10 core SKUs. These would be followed by Intel's Rocket Lake-S parts which would also be based on an optimized 14nm process node. It looks like we can expect a 10nm or sub-10nm part from Intel only around 2022 which is about the same time Intel is expected to launch their Ocean Cove CPU architecture.

Ocean Cove is a future chip architecture under development at Intel which will launch after Golden Cove (2021), the successor to Willow Cove (2020) which itself is the successor to Intel's Sunny Cove (Ice Lake) core's architecture.

The roadmap shows Intel using "10nm" sooner for some mobility (laptop) CPUs.

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