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Amsterdam to ban all diesel and petrol cars and motorbikes by 2030

Accepted submission by inertnet at 2019-05-06 14:49:40 from the full of electric eels dept.

Amsterdam’s head of transport has announced plans [] to ban petrol and diesel cars in the city by 2030.

The clean air action plan aims to make the Dutch capital a “world leader in emission-free transport”.

Transport chief Sharon Dijksma said residents “live a year less on average due to dirty air” and that the plan should “prolong the health of the average Amsterdammer by three months.”

But the plan has already incited strong reactions in the Netherlands with one motoring organisation branding it “bizarre” and wondering how normal people would afford electric cars.

The plan, which would be applied 20 years before the Paris Agreement aims to slash greenhouse gas emissions, would require up to 23,000 electric charging points by 2025. The city currently has 3,000.

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