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Stan Lee's Ex-Manager Charged With Elder Abuse

Accepted submission by takyon at 2019-05-14 18:50:23

Stan Lee: Ex-manager of comic book legend charged with elder abuse []

The former manager of comic book co-creator Stan Lee has been charged with elder abuse against the late writer. Kyle Morgan is facing five counts of abuse against Lee - including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery - all stemming from an incident last summer.

The Marvel superhero visionary died in November last year aged 95 [].

A spokesperson for Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed an arrest warrant for Mr Morgan - who is yet to comment - had been issued.

[...] The charges follow previous filings against Mr Morgan in May and June last year, including falsely reporting an emergency and falsely reporting a crime, along with a probation violation. This culminated in a judge granting a restraining order brought by Lee's family, after Mr Morgan was accused of moving the magnate out of his home at midnight to isolate him from his caregivers. Speaking to Variety [] at the time, Mr Morgan denied the accusations.

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