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The Gatwick Drone: Little by little, the story continues to unravel...

Accepted submission by JoeMerchant at 2021-07-21 13:54:50 from the Just give me a reason dept.

If you remember the crazy events in the winter of 2018 as two airports were closed over reports of drone sightings, you might be interested to hear that there’s still a trickle of information about those happenings making it into the public domain [] as Freedom of Information responses.


Received Opinion had it that a drone had closed an airport, but drone enthusiasts, and Hackaday as a publication in their sphere, were asking awkward questions about why no tangible evidence of a drone ever having been present had appeared. Gradually the story unravelled with the police and aviation authorities quietly admitting that they had no evidence of a drone, and a dedicated band of drone enthusiasts has continues to pursue the truth about those few winter nights in 2018. The latest results chase up the possibility that the CAA might have received a description of the drone, and why when a fully functional drone detection system had been deployed and detected nothing they continued with the farce of closing the airport.


The couple who were wrongly arrested have not held back in their condemnation, but without the attention of any powerful vested interests it seems that some of the measures brought in as a response will never be questioned.

Lesson learned? If you want to fly covert drone missions [], build your own. If you want to trump up reasons for counter-drone measures funding, just make stuff up and arrest some likely suspects, actual evidence not required.

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