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Client Side Scanning May Cost More Than it Delivers

Accepted submission by NPC-131072 at 2022-05-12 21:06:24 from the Current Story This Time dept.
Digital Liberty

From Malware Bytes Blog []

On May 11, 2022, the EU will publicize a proposal for a law on mandatory chat control. The European Commission wants all providers of email, chat and messaging services to search for suspicious messages in a fully automated way and forward them to the police in the fight against child pornography.

Similar developments are taking place in the US and the supporting narrative has expanded from domestic terrorism to other illegal content and activity, such as child sexual exploitation and abuse, terrorism, foreign adversaries‚ and attempts to undermine democratic values and institutions.

What most, if not all, of these activities have in common is that you usually won’t see the criminals using the same platforms as those of us that want to stay in touch with friends and relatives. They are already conducting their “business” in illegal marketplaces on the Dark Web, or they are using encrypted phone services.

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