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posted by martyb on Monday March 23 2020, @12:23AM   Printer-friendly
from the going-places dept.

[2020-03-23 01:32:11 UTC Update 1:Ed. Note - updated to clarify location of the skip to comments button.--fnord666]

[2020-03-23 12:56:40 UTC Update 2: Changed link target from "#acomments" to "#commentwrap" per suggestion in:; added "Note-to-self". --martyb]

Thank You! Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on a new UI feature to the site; [Skip to comment(s)]" is now live on SoylentNews!

The SoylentNews' Main Page should function and look the same as before. The magic manifests only after a specific story has been opened. Code has been added to a site template so that "[Skip to comment(s)]" should now appear, right-justified, in the first of the two lines in the title bar that appears immediately below the story's title.

[Note to self: see in-memory version of template: "dispStory;misc;default" original implementation target fragid of "#acomments" changed to "#commentwrap" as of 2020-03-23 12:56:40 UTC--martyb]

Clicking the button will bring you to the comment header block. (That's where you can adjust Breakthrough, Threshold, and Threading preferences (either one-time-only, or save it away, permanently.)

Quite frankly, thanks to the community's feedback, it looks and behaves better than what I had originally envisioned!

Changing Site UI to Make Long Stories Easier to Navigate -- Input Requested [superseded; see update]
Skip to comment(s) -- Second Try [Updated: 2020-03-21 15:06:00 UTC].)


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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by SomeGuy on Monday March 23 2020, @12:47AM (3 children)

    by SomeGuy (5632) on Monday March 23 2020, @12:47AM (#974268)

    What, you didn't turn long stories in to a side scrolling carousel graphic? And make the page grow infinitely as you scroll while you are at it? Obviously the "skip to comments" should float over the page near one edge and bob up and down all the time, that would make the site "pop". All of the current management brochures clearly state this is the current trend that MUST be followed.

    FEEDBACK? From actual people?! Instead of glorious automated metrics?! You primitive barbarians! You will never being keeping a job in web design! :P

    But seriously, it works in my older web browser, so good job.

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  • (Score: 2) by The Mighty Buzzard on Monday March 23 2020, @01:14AM (2 children)

    Yeah, and I didn't even have to type a single character for that new feature. That's a martyb baby. Code I don't have to write is my favorite kind.

    My rights don't end where your fear begins.
    • (Score: 2, Insightful) by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 23 2020, @01:33AM (1 child)

      by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 23 2020, @01:33AM (#974281)

      Don't be so modest. It is your second favorite kind. Your favorite kind is code you didn't have to write that actually works and you don't have to fix. Got save time so you can put fish in the livewell.