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posted by cmn32480 on Sunday June 25 2017, @01:12PM   Printer-friendly
from the card-iology dept.

There are many reasons for investors to buy chipmakers Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, but the recent rush for an indirect way to play skyrocketing cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum should not be one of them, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Friday. "One of the reasons why AMD and Nvidia have been going up is their chips are used for mining, for cryptocurrency mining," Cramer told "Squawk on the Street." But he warned, "Do not play it for this is what I'm saying. But it is being played for that." [...] Cramer cited a recent note from RBC Capital Markets, which said the growing cryptocurrency mining market has contributed $100 million worth of GPU sales for Nvidia in the past 11 days alone. "AMD chips are the best ones for the ethereum platform," he added.

As we look at the sales channels today, AMD Radeon graphics cards from the current and previous generation of GPU are nearly impossible to find in stock, and when you do come across them, they are priced well above the expected manufactured suggested retail price.

This trend has caused the likes of the Radeon RX 580, RX 570, RX 480, and RX 470 to essentially disappear from online and retail shelves. This impact directly hit AMD products first because its architecture was slightly better suited for the coin mining task while remaining power efficient (the secondary cost of the mining process).

But as the well dries up around the Radeon products, users are turning their attention to Nvidia GeForce cards from the Pascal-based 10-series product line and we are already seeing the resulting low inventory and spiking prices for them as well.

For mining heavy users, the source further claims that Polaris will continue to feature best price to power consumption ratio. A Vega graphics card that uses the same foundation and form factor as the Radeon R9 Nano is also expected but that's yet to be confirmed.

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Ethereum Mining Craze Leads to GPU Shortages 30 comments

German retailer MindFactory has removed many AMD and Nvidia graphics cards from sale because the products have a delivery time of 3 months. According to them, the GPU shortage affects "the whole of Germany" or even the "whole Europe".

The demand for GPUs to mine cryptocurrencies, particularly Ethereum, has led to OEMs creating products specifically tailored to cryptocurrency mining. For example, new cards that are smaller, have fewer display ports, with cooling systems:

While the GPU shortage continues, there are some signs of improvement. There are now several models of Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1070 in stock from various OEMs, but prices remain high and relatively close to the price of the GTX 1080. There are also a few more GTX 1060 6GB graphics cards available, and the price on the least expensive one has dropped significantly, down from $484.80 to $259.99.

At the same time, however, the price on the least expensive GTX 1050 Ti has climbed by about $10, and several models now cost around $200. The price on the least expensive Geforce GTX 1060 3GB has also climbed by roughly $20, as well. This likely indicates that sales of these cards have increased somewhat, pushing prices up accordingly.

Meanwhile, several OEMs, including Asus, Biostar, Sapphire, and Zotac, have announced new mining graphics cards that are tailored for cryptocurrency mining. We have also seen a new motherboard from Asrock that can support up to 13 GPUs for mining. Biostar has a similar board for AM4 CPUs that can support six GPUs. Although we haven't seen them yet, EVGA and MSI also have mining GPUs coming soon, and MSI will also have a motherboard designed for mining. Although these may be attractive to cryptocurrency miners, one source told us that they use the same GPU cores as traditional graphics cards, and thus don't address the underlying supply problem.

The shortages go all the way to the source. OEMs are reportedly having trouble getting GPU cores from Nvidia, and Nvidia can't get enough from TSMC. This is presumably the same situation for AMD and GlobalFoundries.

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Cryptocoin GPU Bubble?

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Used GPUs Flood the Market as Ethereum's Price Crashes Below $150 22 comments

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Over the past few months, there has been a GPU shortage, forcing the prices of mid-range graphics cards up as cryptocurrency miners from across the world purchased hardware in bulk in search for quick and easy profits.

This has forced the prices of most modern AMD and certain Nvidia GPUs to skyrocket, but now these GPUs are starting to saturate the used market as more and more Ethereum miners sell up and quit mining. Some other miners are starting to look at other emerging Cryptocurrencies, though it is clear that the hype behind Ethereum is dying down.

Earlier this week Ethereum's value dropped below $200, as soon as the currency experienced a new difficulty spike, making the currency 20% harder to mine and significantly less profitable. This combined with its decrease in value has made mining Ethereum unprofitable for many miners, especially in regions with higher than average electricity costs.

Now Ethereum is valued at less than $150, with the currency costing $134.97 at the time of writing, which is less than half of the currency's peak value. The currency has the potential to bounce back, though it is difficult to see the currency go back over £250 [sic*] in the near future.

On second-hand sales websites like eBay and Gumtree, we have seen a lot of new GPU listing appear in recent days, with plenty of used AMD RX series GPUs appearing over the weekend. More hardware is expected to hit these sites over the coming days as some miners wind down their operations, though many will simply move to a more profitable currency or to invest their computing power into an emerging Cryptocurrency that has the prospect of high values in the future.


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[* I'm not sure where they got a pound value from, or why, but a little bit of research shows ethereum peaked at $401 on June 13. (Needs javascript from * and * Ooops, spent too long editing this, it went out before I'd completed my changes, sorry -- Ed.(FP)]

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Yet Another Sign Language Glove 10 comments

Another slow news day; yet another sign language glove. But this time it is different!

Specifically, the DailyFail covers a New Scientist report about US$100 gloves which translate ASL [American Sign Language].

It is perhaps not as medically useful as a rectal haptic logging device or stroke recovery glove, perhaps not as visionary and audacious as the 1989 Nintendo Power Glove, but perhaps some of the numerous sign language gloves can be used as ambidexterous VR gloves? Likewise, when the crypto-currency market crashes again there'll be a huge surplus of GPUs for VR.

Full disclosure: I'm easily amused; especially with purile jokes about cyber logging and stroking aids. However, in the last two months, I filed a haptics patent (which started as a purile joke). Also, I'm working on a US$300 immersive sound system and I'll have a large number of spare I/O pins.

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AMD Profits in Q3 2017 9 comments

AMD turned a profit last quarter:

2017 has been a great year for the tech enthusiast, with the return of meaningful competition in the PC space. Today, AMD announced their third quarter earnings, which beat expectations, and put the company's ledgers back in the black in their GAAP earnings. For the quarter, AMD had revenues of $1.64 billion, compared to $1.31 billion a year ago, which is a gain of just over 25%. Operating income was $126 million, compared to a $293 million loss a year ago, and net income was $71 million, compared to a net loss of $406 million a year ago. This resulted in earnings per share of $0.07, compared to a loss per share of $0.50 in Q3 2016.

[...] The Computing and Graphics segment has been a key to these numbers, with some impressive launches this year, especially on the CPU side. Revenue for this segment was up 74% to $819 million, and AMD attributes this to strong sales of both Radeon GPUs and Ryzen desktop processors. Average Selling Price (ASP) was also up significantly thanks to Ryzen sales. AMD is still undercutting Intel on price, but they don't have to almost give things away like they did the last couple of years. ASP of GPUs was also up significantly, and the proliferation of cryptocurrency likely played a large part in that. Operating income for the segment was an impressive $70 million, compared to an operating loss of $66 million last year.

When AMD turns a profit, it is news. Stocks still plunged on concerns over future growth. Citi Research has predicted big losses for AMD as Intel ships its Coffee Lake CPUs.

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Possible End in Sight Seen for Cryptocurrency-Driven GPU Demand 32 comments

Shipments of GPUs are being slowed down or suspended in light of a slowdown in demand driven by cryptocurrency miners:

Taiwan-based graphics card makers including Gigabyte Technology, Micro-Star International (MSI) and TUL are expected to see their shipments for April plunge over 40% on month, as many clients have suspended taking shipments in response to drastic slowdown in demand for cryptocurrency mining machines, according to industry sources.

Channel distributors and larger mining farm operators have cut orders with makers of mining graphics cards and mining motherboards or asked them to suspend shipments due to the crypto mining craze waning abruptly from the beginning of April, the sources said.

Quite a few mining farm operators have even stopped purchasing graphic cards, as they are awaiting the rollout of Ethereum mining machines by China's Bitmain in the third quarter of 2018. They anticipate mining rewards to pick up gradually in the third quarter, as Bitcoin and Ethereum values may rebound following sharp declines seen in early 2018, the sources indicated.


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Used GPUs Flood the Market as Ethereum's Price Crashes Below $150
Cryptocurrency Mining Wipes Out Vega 64 Stock
GPU Cryptomining Hurting SETI and Other Astronomy Projects

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  • (Score: 2, Interesting) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @02:25PM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @02:25PM (#530877)

    Is this the same Jim Cramer who did not see the Great Recession coming and was still advising BUY right up til the markets crashed around him?

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @03:31PM (1 child)

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @03:31PM (#530892)

      He's a bubble making machine, man!

      • (Score: 2) by jimtheowl on Monday June 26 2017, @01:34AM

        by jimtheowl (5929) on Monday June 26 2017, @01:34AM (#531054)
        That might answer my previous post.
  • (Score: 3, Insightful) by Beau Slim on Sunday June 25 2017, @02:31PM (4 children)

    by Beau Slim (6628) on Sunday June 25 2017, @02:31PM (#530880)

    What's irritating is that AMD is probably smart enough to realize that this bubble could evaporate tomorrow, and therefore cant really increase production to make enough cards to satisfy the miners and the gamers. They'd risk having a glut of chips and a factory standing idle.

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @05:22PM (1 child)

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @05:22PM (#530911)

      AMD hasn't made its own chips for a decade. Other companies own the chip foundries. The same for nVidia.

      • (Score: 3, Interesting) by fishybell on Sunday June 25 2017, @05:58PM

        by fishybell (3156) on Sunday June 25 2017, @05:58PM (#530918)

        That doesn't mean video card manufacturers are building chips. They still still have to buy the chips from AMD/Nvidia, and AMD/NVidia still won't increase production for this bubble, meaning cryptocurrency miners will still either have to wait or spend way too much for the cards.

        That said, as long as there is still less than a year for the card to pay for itself the cards, people will still buy them at absurd prices.

    • (Score: 3, Insightful) by deadstick on Sunday June 25 2017, @07:21PM

      by deadstick (5110) on Sunday June 25 2017, @07:21PM (#530933)

      AMD:ethereum mining=Levi Strauss:gold mining.

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 27 2017, @10:20AM

      by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday June 27 2017, @10:20AM (#531838)
  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @04:26PM (1 child)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 25 2017, @04:26PM (#530901)

    Miner miner fourty-niner.

  • (Score: 2) by jimtheowl on Monday June 26 2017, @01:33AM

    by jimtheowl (5929) on Monday June 26 2017, @01:33AM (#531053)
    "Do not play it for this is what I'm saying. But it is being played for that."

    Although he graduated from Harvard College, has been editior in chier for the Harvard Crimson and then a reporter, he cannot be quoted saying anything coherent?